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Part 5

Newton deeply mourns at the cemetery of his parents and spends the whole night. Early morning at six, watchman appears near Newton and wakes and takes him to his small shed and offers him cup of coffee and helps him to cope from his depression.

Matthew Henskey, a great author sits in his rocking chair and sips a cup of coffee and listens to the soft music. Calling bell rings, Matthew stands and takes the walking stick and walks towards the window to peep. He smiles at Newton and opens the door. Newton wishes Matthew and gifts a coffee mug and feels sad. Matthew understands his grief and consoles his depression. Newton sheds tears and informs him about the loss of his parents. Matthew comforts him and prepares coffee for two. Matthew takes Newton to one of his favorite room.

Matthew closes his eyes and hums his voice for few minutes. Newton understands the depth of his voice of love for his wife. Matthew takes out the album and handovers to Newton and asks him to take a look at the pictures. Newton is dumbstruck after looking at the album. He stares at Matthew surprisingly and shock. For some time, Matthew stays quiet and later calls out Newton from his shocking sense.

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