1X1 They All Come Falling Down (Part 3, page 1 of 2)

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Part 3

Henry didn't feel right about the new kitchen staffer even though she claimed to be from the FBI and now another new employee a bar tender who also claimes to be from the FBI. He asked his friend detective Will James if there was a way to really check out the three who claimed to be FBI agents were who they really say they are. Will asked him if there was any reason to doubt them.

Henry had to reply only my gut instinct. He told his friend if they would reveal what the group was up to might ease his gut instinct a little. Willt told his friend that he knew a man up in the government that maybe be able to check their credentials. After supper Henry was reading in the newspaper under the Headline Turkey Day Parade In Turkeyville welcoming all of the politicians,

head of corporations ,celebrebities that was gathering in town for the big parade including.good old Santa Claus. When Will cmae in Henry laid the newspaper down .Will saw what Henry had just read. Will trying to keep his composer when he told his friend I know what the group is up to they're going to assasinate Santa Claus. They both laughed Henry made the remark well I guess that might bother the little ones

​Henry then said there are some people who can be ruled out and Santa diffently would be one of those. Will asked does that also count his reindeer. I'm kind of fond of Rudolph and his red nose..After they both had a good laugh over coffee they discussed who actually was participating in the parade.An ex president and his ex vice president

The governor, mayor, a couple of country singers, some well known senators member of the congress and a couple of the supreme court judges that was from the city of Turkeyville.There was a convection of wealthy oil tycoons in town and some was going to be in the parade plus the parade was going to be passing the convection center

​hey both knew it probably was the ex president and his vice president They would be heavy guarded and was riding in two armoured cars.

​Henry wondered if the group was using the parade as a coverup for something else. other than killing someone in the parade. The only intell wass what one of the FBI agents told him but now he couldn't verify that she really was an agent. So many things he couldn't put his finger around.

Henry decided that he needed a trained guard dog and that dog needed to be able to sniff out drugs and bomb material. Will knew the dog trainer who taught police dogs and he had one that the police denied due to he had a bad leg like Henry, and police dogs needed to be able to run

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