1X1 They All Come Falling Down (Part 2, page 1 of 2)

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Part 2

When they reached the security office Henry cleared off the table of old coffee cups in seconds and sat in a chair closest to the file cabinet with his friend sat just across from him. The first dossier Henry read was the woman guest named Alexandar Fortee.,thirtyeight years old, blond hair, blue eyes. known alias as Sunny Risner, Samatha Huston, and Victoria Jones. Detective Glaser asked his friend Detective Will James if he knew which was her real name.

He said he had ran it in the FBI databank but nothing came up. Henry took a picture of the new cook without anyone seeing him with a new security camera he paid for himself. Henry installed the camera inside the clock that faced one of the worktables that prepared the meat before cooking the meat. Hhe got several pictures but none of the new cook. The tape seemed to have been goofying up someway. Something didn't seem right about the pictures but he couldn't put his finger on what it was at the moment.

He didn't hear what Detective was telling him and had to ask his friend to repeat what he said. Alexandar had a few convections for little things like driving without a license, assaults, and possessing a small amount of a class three drug. She spent a few months in a county jail and was required to do community service. Nothing really stood out except Henry thought what a lucky lady she must be but he was sure as any normal being could be that she was. up to no good and he told himself Oh Henry boy she has met her match this time.

‚ÄčThe second dossie was a man who Henry thought he had served with before he was disabled turned out to fouryttwo year old Phillip Anderson. He stood at Six foot two inches, brown hair and eyes, grew up in New Jersey, Was drafted out of high school by the army.

While in the service he hit his sargent and recieved a dishonorable discharged. Dectective Henry Glaser nodded his head and made the comment yep sounds just like the Phillip that he pulled off of his Army sargent Henderson quite a few years back. He had pulled out a gun out on another serviceman and they wrestled for the gun and Henry was shot in the back.

Both of the servicemen said it was an accident but Henry always thought it was intentional for pullng him off of the sargent.Both of the servicemen were kin to each other. He had several priors on his record. Henry just shook his head and wondered why isn't this guy in prison. the third dossie was Robert Anderson the younger brother of Phillip.

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