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Part 1

The Chesterfield Hotel had seen it's better days Now it was needing some tender loving care. The gang of six to eight people had assembled in the hotel's lobby.They weren't there to have fun and share any loving care. They were there to reap havoc on the the parade that would be marching down the street in front of the hotel in a few days. They assembled in rooms upstairs over looking the street.

They had their M16's out and loaded. if they were lucky they would at least shoot and kill the leader of the parade Detective Glasser was one member of the hotel's security guards on the day shift was on duty when that particular group of people checked in that day. While their rooms was being prepared for them the group decided to have a few drinks in the only hotel's bar and grill. Detective Glasser's desk was just outside the bar's door. He had been shot in the back while working in one of the biggest city's police department and was given a disability discharged.. The bullet was still in his back.

He hated his disability due to the fact he remember all that his life did a complete 360 degrees turn about in matter of minutes the night he was shot. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition scary his entire family and his bride to be couldn't take it and called off the wedding

The doctors told him if it was removed he would be paralized and spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. They grinded it down and put a back brace on him. Hisability to walk had put a strain on all of his family including his younger sister who became a little mother hen. She watched him like a hawk and was waiting on him hand and foot. She hated it when he decided to move to a different town. She couldn't follow him due to the fact she had her own family. He knew that would lesson the strain on her marriage.

He took this job that included a nice room as part of his pay. He had a nice disability check that came in the mail on the first of every month. He sent most of it back home to pay for his father's care in the senior citizen assistant living quarters. His father had been diagnosed with dementia. His mother was no longer able to take care of him on her own. He had wondered away from home several times.

He found them this home where during the day while his mother was awake and plenty of staff around he could stay in a nice one bedroom apartment with her then would be put in a room in the lock down part of the facility during the night. It worked out nicely until his father became worse and started hitting on her thinking she wasn't who she said she was. Now he was admitted into the lock down unit twenty four seven. The last time he was back home his father didn't even recognized him. His mother could have moved out to a cheaper place but wanted to be close to his father. The love of her life.

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