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Part 2

I was taught to stay out of trouble.


It was ingrained in my head to turn away from my ‘subjects’, the subjects that I have been observing quietly by the sidelines, silently as their worlds went by and came to naught.

Umpteen worlds had gone by, was it thousands or ten thousands, too many, I have almost forgotten my figures. They were kept in my books, guarded by the mentors.

It could be an elderly man facing death in its eye. It could be a family of four, a dad bringing bread to his starving children. It could be a young girl growing up, her first steps, those tiny fingers that stab and poke the air with unbounded curiosity. It could be the caterpillar that has finally made its way out of its cocoon.

The pain, anguish, the sadness, unbridled joys and little spurts of happiness often associated with life that simmers and brim forth, threatening one to look away at its raw grip – I truly have seen it all.

There were many worlds that I have seen, and at the same time, witnessed the passing of them, all universes in their own self-righteous ways. I have been an obedient observer thus far. So I was utterly surprised when my hands reached out to that one ‘subject’, I could not even remember their names, they were never given names, just numbers – Subject 1000001.

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