10000 Years (Part 3, page 2 of 6)

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Part 3

And here he thought that death comes swiftly, but truly, it doesn’t, does it? At least for him, death seems to be taking his or her own dear time at taking him away.

“Marcos, I think that’s enough. The cold will get to him anyway.” A stern voice uttered from deep within the shadows.

“Let’s head back to the palace, this place is truly irksome.”

Gen knew that she must loathe this entire setup, the stink and dirt of this farmhouse must have stained her precious imported coat that she must have gotten the best, and most delicates of hand to sew, each stitch, he knew must definitely weigh a life and more. She took pleasure in that, the weight of lives in her hand, knowing that her one decision could squash many.

He really did loathe her too, he realised he had never felt much for anything or anyone, but he truly did loathe the queen of this country – his mother, the Queen. Queen Rayven of Soleilrius.


Subject 100001. Nothing more, they were nothing more than subjects, weren’t they?

What was it about this subject that made her step out of the shadows to sit beside him quietly? She had taken out some ointment and with an air of expertise, she gently dabbed onto the infected wound.

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