10000 Years (Part 3, page 1 of 6)

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Part 3


The cold was biting, so biting that Gen wished that he could truly die right now. He wasn’t sure which was worst, the maggots on his feet or the biting cold that never seem to dissipate.

He curled himself into a ball.

Just was he was pretty sure that he was about to be beaten to death and meet his very final end of his utterly lowly life, he saw a vision. It must be a vision he reckoned, an ‘angel’ of sorts. He gave a low self-deprecating laugh, and was truly amazed with what his mind had conjured to taunt him even at his very last.

Abruptly, the staggering whip came down once more, and his nails tore deep into his palms as the flesh on his back tore open once more.

It was already scarred beyond recognition, he wasn’t sure if there was any meat left to be beaten.

“You’re pretty steely, eh young one. I’m curious how long it’ll take for your blood to run out.” His torturer smirked at his own response, sweat glimmered at the edge of his brows yet Gen remained in a tight little ball.

There didn’t seem to be any point in a reply except to lay and await for death to swiftly come and take over.

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