World of storms (Part 4, page 3 of 15)

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Part 4

I was floating in the air. Breezes, unfading fueled my curiosity. With the blade of liquid gold, cutting water. Given walls by-ending waves, water foam. There was no - hypnotic, beautiful and inspiring view of this. Dance with a rotating blade. Minuet on the lake mirage of a ballroom, crystallized in timelessness.

My adventure ended, for now. But my whole body was shaking with muscle spasms, while sweat ran down my neck, my temples like drops in a waterfall. I had no strength. As if needles sewing fabric of my flesh.

But someone poured me with cold water, so I can be revived by hypnagogic trance in which I was trapped.

"For God's sake finally - awaken, you little one, drenched fox?"

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