WORD WON THE SWORD (Part 3, page 1 of 2)

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Part 3

Though they tried their best in search of the king albert Atkinson.

It was in vain. The woods were very deep and covered with thick forest and wild kingdom.

No one knew whether King albert was alive or dead.

Queen Marlene was down heartened due to kings missing.

She wanted to end her life but when her passionate eyes glimpsed at her 14 children, she wouldn’t dare to do it.

She loved her children most, she made her son as a young king and brought in special force team from nearby town in france.

These men were excelled in many vulnerable positions of military training and other skills too.

Little king David was tutored well in his ambitious way of ruler ship.

Though queen took over the leadership but she focused her son more on social meetings and other gatherings.

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