With Or Without You (Part 1, page 2 of 7)

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Part 1

“Elena, you are not ready? Hurry up girl!"

My step-mom was looking quite pretty enough and in spite of being a middle-aged woman she was young enough.

"I am still confused Maa... what to where?

This one or this?" I just sat down on the bed and showed her both the hung dresses in hanger.


I Elena and Abraham got engaged!

There was something, weird, strange and silent that I always noticed in his eyes. I don't know what was that? We met many times but just as friends apart from being fiancés. Whenever anyone or even one of us talked about love and beloveds silence indwelled in between us. I can understand, I was desperate. I loved once i could read my heart only but not of Abraham. What was buried inside? Why these turn brim? Was there any other girl in his life? Many questions used to poke inside mind of mine. I tried to inquire many times from him regarding his past but he always procrastinated my asking. I don't know what the reason behind his sarcasm was but there is something painful that makes him dismal like me.

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