With Or Without You (Part 5, page 2 of 15)

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Part 5

"Hey, Mahi get up buddy. Drop me to airport"

She called Mahi while wearing the ear-cuff. Then she turned around, upon not finding her woken up, she started shaking her as to get her up.

"Mahi!! I am getting late buddy. Please wake up."

She said in slight high and insisting way.

"Take, cab". Mahi, recumbent while changing the side as she tried to spoil her sleep. At-last, she preferred not to waste more time here. She took cab and arrived there.

As she was all in haste, she just rushed towards the boarding area. She was expecting her to get late. She was running just as insane that suddenly she got a sudden stoke, as she had hit by a rock. As her eyes blinked she realized that she swatted someone. He just turned around, wearing a Jersey mask from while barely his eyes and hair she could see. She had lost her all senses that time when she realized that his cappuccino has been split over his blazer. She just taken out tissue papers and started to remove this from his blazer, uttering

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