With Or Without You (Part 4, page 2 of 15)

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Part 4

Eleena was asleep as she had voice hallucinations. Suddenly, her sleep broke. She got up, rubbing her eyes founding her spectacles to see what’s happening

“What? Mahi?” She said while yawning.

“Please!!!! I implore, don’t set alarm. You yourself don’t wake up but we pity,

In fact all the neighbors wake up” Mahi yelled very irritatingly.

She just took her cell-phone and removed alarm from snoozing and slept again.


After 15mins, she got up it was around 8’O’Clock. She rushed to the washroom, took bath and got ready for the university. Elena had a gun-metal FORD FUSION. She drove accompanying Mahi to their Medical University. After attending 2 continuous lectures of HOD (Head of Dept.) of General Medicine and then HOD Of Pediatrics Medicine finally the University classes were ended. The next were the 4 hours hospital posting. Nowadays, Elena was posted to neuro-medicine ward. Before setting out she decided to have breakfast to make her immunity strong as she has to be exposed to very infective environment almost every day.

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