With Or Without You (Part 3, page 2 of 7)

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Part 3

Eleena uttered confusedly:

“Nothing just I was….aaa nothing just missing you”

Abbey: “Well what’s going on”,

“Do you remember today we are having our first date?

I thought to call you and remind you, my love.”

“Yeah I’m getting ready, in fact I was choosing an outfit” she pretended with full confidence, while moving her fingers in the hair.

Abbey: “Ok then meet you there baby. You get ready”

Eleena: “ok dear Ba..bye” she disconnected the call and sighed.

She rushed to her wardrobe and started choosing her outfit; after all it was very first date with her fiancé, who was no doubt the handsome and Richie-rich man.

She tried to get ready before her roommate Maheen come back at hostel, as she was doing internship in a nearby hospital after university classes. She had a very hectic routine that’s why she needs to take rest after coming back.

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