With Or Without You (Part 2, page 2 of 9)

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Part 2

Don’t cry and turn your eyes brim

Let it fill with shine,

If you’ll weep and gloom

People will take it yours doom,

Forget about whatever you lost

Remember only one thing today is yours,

Don’t turn your heart disheartened and dim

Turn it delight, bright and firm.”

Composed BY: FewUnspokenWords

Eleena was in final year of MBBS, sitting by the window of her hostel room in the evening hours of November 2015, snow fall was there outside, and clouds were drizzling and covering the sunset…rain drops slipping down the window screen as quietly as were the feelings were silent inside the ocean of Elena’s heart. She was lost in profound thoughts while looking outside from the glass screen of window. She started recollecting her memories of the very first step in the journey of MBBS… ….

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