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Part 1

I sat on my window sill watching the city take its first breath pushing people into the streets and putting cars on the road. My coffee shop had only been opened for ten minutes and a man walked in. He was waiting a three piece suit and a leather case in his hand, he took the table in the far left of my shop. I got up and walked over. "Is there anything I can get you Ser?" I asked. "Yes I would like a black coffee and an apple pie," he answered. "Do you want any sugar with that?" I asked just in case I have a good amount of customers that say black coffee with six or seven sugars. "Did I say sugar? No so I don't want it was black coffee not specific enough for you?" He growled. I was shocked "My apologies Ser," I walked over to the counter and pulled out a home made apple pie and made him a black coffee. "That will be one fifty please," I said quietly he pulled out his walled and handed me a twenty dollar bill. "I will get your change Ser," I said. "No need it's your tip to," he replied. I walked to the counter and pulled out a ten and walked to his table and put the money on his napkin. I walked back to the window sill and sat down the streets were pumping out people like it's heart beat. He pulled out a computer from his case and started working. I looked him over and he was mouthwatering his face was hard and set his eyes were the color of emeralds and his thick wavy black hair tumbled over his left eye. He filicked his wrist to move it out of the way. He had olive colored skin and full red lips, his nose turned up a little at the top were he had a faint patch of freckles scattered across painting his high cheek bones. I looked away he may have been fantasizing but he was also probably in a relationship or worse married. One of my every day people came in and the day truly seemed to start. As the day event on the mysterious man sat in the corner typing away occasionally ordering another pie or refill of his coffee and every time he would hive me a twenty and I would give him a ten.

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