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Part 5

It was really hard keeping one step ahead of Dr. Walter Stone and his group of Evil doers. It seemed that the government was helping them when they should have closed up the government's experiment. She made her way to Fort Worth and was going to drive south and cross the border when the group was there in Fort Worth. She wasn't sure how they found out but she knew she had just barely missed them when a young couple walked by her truck at the rest stop. She had grabbed the headphones on put onto Christian She had bought a regular set of headphones at Walmart in Oklahoma that she put onto the doll so no one would wonder why he had headphones on the girl didn't.

​She laid low in hopes that they would move further south and could get Christian over the border. The longer she stayed low more of the group showed up. All of this was putting a strain on her. A couple of the you people in the group that wasn't carrying one of these dishes with them walked by and looked into the truck. After passing by she rolled down her window just a little to hear what they were saying to this one person who seemed to be their leader.. They were describing each and every vehicle they had past. One of them the person in charge. The black pick up truck with the horse trailer had two animals along with two children in the back seat one girl who she sensed as being about eight years old and a young boy about a year old..

Christy headed west out of Fort Worth Texas toward New Mexico She crossed over the state line and saw a road sign that pointed to the left toward Lexington, New Mexico. She headed to Lexington. She past a little Catholic Chapel that had a sign that she read. She saw a name from her past Father O'Brien on it. She wondered if it was the same father O'Brien. He would have to be in his sixties by now. She stopped and looked him up. He remembered her from the east.

After catching up on old times she explained exactly why she needed his and the church's help. She knew it sounded weird but it was the truth. He said he would check things out but couldn't promise her anything. She thanked him and left. She hoped there was help out there somewhere. She could use all of the help she could get. She was at her ends and was even considering giving Christian to someone who could keep him safe like the Catholic church

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