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Part 3

Christy settled the calf into the only stall in her little barn. She carried Christian into the house and looked to see what she might have to feed her newest little one a calf was a girl so she had one baby of each sex now. She thought about contacting the rancher then changed her mind because the word would get around the small community and that wouldn't be good for Christian besides they dumped the calf to die and a wild animal to drag it off for their meal. She named the calf Classy.

She wanted to ask the landlord about keeping the calf when out of no where she showed up with more paperwork in her hand. Christy went out to meet her. She was told it was time to sign the lease papers. Christy asked her if there was a way she could have a horse and maybe a cow also. She said heavens to bid why yes. A little boy needs something to buddy with.

Christy told her that she was going to drive in town to see what they had. Her landlord suggested Harrisburg would be better than these rednecks gossipers here in town. Christy asked permission to build a stall for her new baby or babies. Again Ms.Chandler gave her permission. She even told her there was a young man that she knew would help is Christy needed him to. Christy assured her that she would get ahold of him if she needed the help.

Christy knew if she went to a vet here in town it would be known before the end of the day even at the local feed store so she decided to get both of them ready for the two hour drive to one of the biggest cities in the state. she drove to Harrisburg. She knew the calf was extremely hungry so she stopped at the feed store first and got six feeding bottles and replacement milk both ready to feed and the powered. She washed out the bottle and poured the ready to feed milk into it and fed the baby calf

She knew Ms. Chandler was right about the vet in a bigger town. Some one that might not ask too many questions and might not ask too many questions. In this part of the state there were at least one or two babies a year that for one reason or the other was taken away from their mothers. A lot of time they do that to bring the female cow or horse back into shape to breed again or for sale.

On her drive to the city she remembered a medical journal about a government experiment changing DNA of young adults to give them abilities to perform some remarkable tasks trying to get an army that could defeat any enemy the government that they would have to fight plus all of the benefits it would bring to other researches. They might even find cures for diseases or physical disabilities.

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