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Part 4

Christy told her little man well I surely gave you the right name. He caught on really quick about the slobbering act while drinking from the bottle. He deliberately slobbered when he saw the calf's meringue. Afterwards Christian smiled and giggled. The only little one of hers that would suck all of his bottle without making a mess was her colt Shadow

The next Sunday she saw a group of young adults arriving at the camp site just down the road away. One of them used his ability to put their tents up using one hand waving between the tent and the site. Seeing those people shook her up more than she wanted to admit. You couldn't call what ability he had as a gift from God. She grabbed the headphones and tape recorder and quickly put them on Christian. She knew she had to lay low with her babies close at hand. She took a different road back to the barn. She told Christian we can't stop at the park today baby boy. It's feeding time.

She had already told people in town she had family up north. If she had to run she would be going the opposite direction. Going a different way home was a God send. She noticed a four stalled trailer in front of this older farm house with this huge sign Moving to a retirement community. She stopped and bought it with cash. She loaded Classy and Shadow's things in the front part of a four horse trailer that she saw for sale on her way home and bought it with cash. Here in Missouri all you needed to gets tags was the title. She wished she could warn her new friends about the group of dangerous people who had just invaded their town.

She took the plates off of the two horse trailer plus the little tin plate on the back right side of the trailer that had the serial number on it so no one could track it back and find out whose trailer it belonged to. Later that afternoon she took the little two horse trailer and to a junk yard and left it then returned back to the barn. She feed her babies and had a sandwich and soup for supper. She was too busy going through her things to cook a good meal.

When they were in the barn she kept the door closed and bolted from the inside with lumber. She knew one or more of the group could read other people's mind That night she would swooped up her babies and leave. She text her landlord that there was a family emergency up north and needed to leave. She would take the south highway out of town and continued going If she had to cross the border she would. Yes she would be on the run again with her three babies that she loved more than life itself. She prayed to let them get to some safe place.

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