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Part 1

Chris and Tina had been classmates for most of their lives. Like every child of the opposite sex they ran in different crowds. Mainly Chris had the sport crowd while Tina's was more the crafty kids crowd. When Chris's church paid for his boy scouts dues due to the fact their pastor was a boy scout leader. Tina had her reading group. One of the deacon's wives was the head of girl scouts and recommended the group to accept Tina. During the holiday season while the boy scouts sold live Christmas trees for their fund raiser the girls was waiting until January to their girl scout cookie drive they made and sold Christmas ornaments to go along with the trees.

The church held hay rides where the boys was teasing the girls by throwing hay in their hair. Chris would laugh at Tina trying to brush off her hair while acting as though she was upset when actually she loved his teasing her. then they had refreshments inside where it was nice and toasty, Chris was a junior deacon whose assignment was to talk and buddy with the new younger boys while Tina was involved in the youth choir. Neither family had a bunch of money then but it was sufficient.

During their high school years things for both families became a strain on their family's finance. Mainly Chris's family took a harder hit than Tina's due to the fact more children to take care of. Then Chris's father became ill and past away before he was able to see his oldest child graduate from high school. They drifted apart for awhile when his family moved shortly after his father's death.

In his senior year his family moved back and rented the top floor above a laundry mat. His mother worked at the laundry mat at night while her young ones slept upstairs. Tina was happy to see him again. By then even Tina's family had to relocate due to her father losing his job. It was a miracle that he found a job at the same laundry mat. When her father told her shortly before school started that year who his new boss was Tina just had to look him up.

He signed up for EMT classes at school After he graduated he worked as a junior fireman until he reached the age of twenty one when he could administer class One Drugs including some very strong pain medication to the patients on the way to the hospitals. Tina by then had became a nurse's aid and was studying to become a CNA . After she graduated and got her CNA license she started working at the closet clinic On Friday nights is when they would just hang out together.

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