Whose Child Is This (Part 2, page 1 of 5)

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Part 2

Christy worked a lot of temporary jobs at different nursing homes for another couple months more but still wasn't putting her heart into her work so one night she went into a bar and was approached by the owner about being a pole dancer. She refused and wanted to slap him but instead just walked out. When she arrived home she saw a young woman leaving her little barn. At first she didn't think anything about it. This young woman wasn't carrying any thing

She decided to keep her mother's china. She went upstairs to the attic. In the old chest under her mother's old dresses she found a will that her parents had made out plus a life insurance policy for quite a huge amount. She sat at the table with her laptop and found out that their insurance policy with her name as beneficiary was current. She would take care of that when she settled in at what would be her new home.

She decided that she was packing her trailer and moving She had been so miserable She wondered why she was still living. She packed her things then at the last minute she decided that she wanted to take at least a few things from her childhood that she kept in the little barn. She pulled her little trailer to the barn. Inside the barn she stepped inside the first stall and saw things from her high school . She picked up her high school year book . She laid it back down. There was nothing in that stall she wanted.

In the next stall was her riding saddle which made her miss her horse that much more but decided to take it. She had decided that she might get another horse. She knew she wouldn't fit into the saddle but it reminded her of really happy times. She saw the last stall open. She couldn't remember leaving it open. She continued looking at the items. She had very happy memories during those years so she packed a lot of those items

She proceeded to the last stall which she had put items from her very early years. She saw the crib and thought she should just leave it and the other things. She turned and headed out when she saw a mess on a blanket that had been spread out. The mess was afterbirth. Then she heard a little whimper coming from her old bassinet. Laying in the bassinet was a newborn baby boy with a note.

‚ÄčTo The Nurse I met At The Clinic. You gave me the strength to endure having this baby and you are right I do love this child with all of my heart but his father wants to kill both of us so to keep him safe I'm giving him to you. I'm leaving and I would suggest that you also do the same thing and register his birth in another state as you being his birth mother. This is the present that I can give to a woman who can not have any children. I'm still young and can have another child with a better man than his father is.

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