Where The Wolves Play (Part 1, page 5 of 7)

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Part 1

would come out and check the bodies Every one had those two fang marks like vampires in the movies. leave on their victims. Then it stopped for awhile then it

started up again and this time it was cows and horses also. everyone in town became scared and knew they had some kind of monster in their midst.The farmers

came to the city council demanded that the police do something so the police started patroling even farther out than the city limits, but only after Jack and Carol told

the community and police that the attacker couldn't be either wolves or coyote because they are both meat eaters and would have eaten at least some of the meat

of the livestock that was being killed and not just drink their blood so nobody knew what they were dealing with but was determend to find the attacker and kill it.

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