Where The Wolves Play (Part 5, page 2 of 6)

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Part 5

drove to Jack's friend's zoo.

Jack's friend put her in the den next to the pups and she start pawing at the enclosure that seperated her and the pups and the pups was doing the same and

whinning so they took the real little one that they had given only a few days to live because it didn't know how to nurse on a bottle and she cuddled it and the pup

started nursing . They difinately came from the same pack. jack's friend let the other pups into the grown wolf's den. All three knew that female wolf and babies would

be a great addition to the zoo.

‚Äč The man hunt for the chupacabra was on full pledge when it was spotted men killed it and then found out they actually had killed a manged coyote but knew they

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