Where the Wild Horses Run (Part 5, page 5 of 5)

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Part 5

Susan came up to Audrey and asked her if it would be alright if she married Ben and became her stepmother and they both hugged each other.

‚Äč When Audrey rides her bike to school Buster follows then he stays there till she gets out and follows her home. When Ben takes her to school in the truck Buster follows the truck and stays at school till school is over. One time she rode the school bus and he followed and a young man asked Audrey are you sure he's a horse and not a dog then raised both hands up and said I'm only joking. Audrey smiled and said yes he's a horse but he's also my best friend and one of my family. Everyone in town knows exactly who he is and talks about him following her but the site they talk most about was when he was going to go to jail with her.

The End

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