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Part 1

Audrey at the age of sixteen almost of age found herself sitting in front of another judge listening to the state caseworker presenting her side of why she should be displaced again for who knows how many times.to go to a state girl's home till she reached the age of eighteen. She told the judge that Audrey had stolen money from her foster parents to vandalizing their garage while having a party with some of her school classmates while having an party where she had broke into her foster's father alchol cabinet. She even showed a picture of the glass door broken glass. The judge listened to every word that she told him. Then finally it was Audrey's turn. She told the judge on numerous of times at seven in the morning the younger children had to pick up after their parties while she fixed breakfast for them. She told him that they would not let her even have her grandfather's belongings that they kept in a locked box behind a locked door. The caseworker denied that and showed the judge the box. The judge listened then ordered her to a girl's home till her eigthteenth birthday After the judge ordered them to give her the box and left the courtroom her foster father that she had lived with for the last three years threw the wooden box and hit her in the check below her left eye. She thought well that wasn't the first time of him hitting her but it would be the last time.

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