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Part 1

"Mom! Mom please I won't tell again I promise just please stop!" I yelled but blow after blow just kept coming. I could feel the anger flowing in her blood as mine spilled over the floor. My mom wasn't always this way it just depended on witch pill she popped that day. I could feel myself slid out of conshisnes and into the black oblivion were I spent most of my childhood. Day after day it was the same thing a man would reject my mother she would take a blue pill and go round after round with me as her punching bag for 7 years until she killed herself, at home, in the basement with a 22 in hand. I woke from my sleep covered in sweat it had been 15 years and that bich still sacred the shit out of me. I heard my alarm go off and got up to go take a shower I looked in the mirror and saw a girl with curly hair and scars covering her arms and legs. I stepped in the shower and let the water run down my skin. I got out and got dressed in a suit that covered my chest were a jagged scar ran from the center of my stomach to the side of my breast. I was five when it had happened. We were at one of her friends house when a policeman barged into the house and put my mom in hand cuffs. She failed at getting away but dragged a pointed heal down my chest. It still held the silent reminder that I will always be my mother's daughter. Today sucked as normal and I had no longer cared about anything anymore. My fiancee had cheated on me and my best friend was his girl now. I wanted to jump off a cliff and never come back but no there a lease had to be somthing first. No mater how hard I tried no one could make me feel anything anymore and I am the collateral damage that no one has time for. I walked into my office and grabbed the case of the day. I had a client filing for abuse. "Ameya!" I herd my name being yelled. I walked out of the office and sighed. Tell me world what the duck did I do to make you so angry cuss if you were happy with me so I wouldn't have sent the one person I actually hate. I mean for real what the fuck can't I have a brake. "Hi," (Who could this mystery person be...It's a he and he is very drunk,)


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