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Part 5

Finally she would get to acquire the jeweleries she has always lusted after, all at her expense. Her mother had never truly cared about her. When she was in school she had taken pride in the fact that she was very intelligent and as such got scholarships, make her proud and she was always ready to show her off to others. And then when she finished school she had started rattling off about how she shouldn't get married to just anybody and by that she meant someone in the lowet and middle classes. Raphael is definitely a dream come true for her mother.

During the ceremony earlier, she had tried to appear as if all is normal in her world, as if she was the most happiest bride on earth. She had smiled in all the right places, made the appropriate commenta and behaved accordingly while she hid her inner turmoil. Her friends had told her more than once that she was lucky to snag someone as rich as Raphael but she hadn't returned the enthusiasm. She just told them they would be lucky in love.

The shower stopped running and her heartbeat kicked up. Any moment from now he would be out of that door and then what? Expect her to perform her marital night rites? Expect her to sleep on the same bed as himself? She might be married to him now but that doesn't mean she had to pretend to be happy for him or make him happy. She would do whatever she deems fit and he can serve her a divorce paper anytime he deems fit, she would be so glad to oblige him. She refused to be tied down to him forever.

The bathroom door opened and she froze.

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