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Part 3

As Voila joins her mother, she’s too young to know the dangers crawling in the deep woods.

When she’s around her mother’s belly, Voila feels safe in mother’s bosom.

Voila’s cousin Rookey a male black tailed deer, wants to take Voila to a far away grassland to explore tastier blades of juicy grasses to nibble around.

Voila out of excitement leaps and dances.

Mother looks at her fawn and watchers Voila in fun.

Mother jumps next to Voila and asks, what is the reason for her excitement.

Voila opens her mouth to inform her the mystery behind the leaps.

Rookey jumps in and dashes Voila to the ground and starts playing with her.

As their falling and playing, Rookey tells Voila not to say a word to her mother because it will be difficult to go about as an adventurer trip.

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