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Part 4

Voila runs towards it but blinds away to notice the danger on the edge.

As Voila is nearing she misses her step and falls down and shouts loudly crying for her mother’s help.

Voila is still holding on to the small rock which is shaped like wedge.

She puts in all her energy to hold on to it.

Mother is still walking and vaguely she can hear some sound and immediately looks back and she’s shocked for not finding her Voila .

She screams and screams and as she is nearing, she could hear Voila’s voice.

She runs hay way and here and there her eyes waver and tears run out.

Mother runs towards Voila and shouts for help.

Later after some time some of her mother’s cousins who are also travelling that path come to their aid and help Voila to come out of the falling edge.

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