Until Sunrise (Part 1, page 2 of 124)

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Part 1

She stepped onto the escalator leading down to the baggage carousels and the movement made her retch. She quickly fumbled in her bag for a tissue and held it to her mouth. She never noticed the watching crowd at the bottom as she descended the escalator because she had a tissue in her mouth and her eyes were closed.

When she stepped off, she nearly fell on top of a man with a paunch and not much hair.

“Pardon me.” She said in a voice as husky as her brain was feeling.

The man looked up at her as his face softened.

“Anytime,” he said as he stepped aside. She walked briskly to the exit and waited for a taxi. Everyone was being picked but not her. She hated the attention from her family, surprising them would be a great idea. They were expecting her but not today. All she wanted was to attend her father’s funeral and get back to her life.

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