Tied in his Shadow (Part 3, page 3 of 3)

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Part 3

Marionette. Wrapped something of a gift the best silk stringing me around in his bed red hot corvette.Instead of roses, his thing was cheese Swiss with holes of lace my face became what a wrinkle pull disgrace. I hate to burst your cheese I turned virgin pure taste.He dragged his shirt open.Twice the fun playgirl I feel like I'm his lover. Release me god whether to be in control upper hand fetish.I became his string cheese pet!!This is not a game you just don't get it yet?? "Puppet are not 4 Sale, fighting don't pull my string's.In all the year how, I tracked men's nuts, she had to string together, all those nut jobs two heads of sausages.I rather get my hands on his private messages.

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