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Part 3

Doing the City walk Bergdorf Blonde Bombshell's what a Ballet nut-cracker, eating at the Waldorf Chicken Lady in red stuffier with mixed nut's, I rather have my green's on the tree She was fired two the Chicken bone.Trump went up to his tower someone started climbing up giving him his coffee presidential cup Floridian Naples she so baked showing her derriere dimples. How much sun can they take?Those wacko couples. She's singing twice his walnuts, But two heads are better than one don't you think? Her nephew crack the code of cashew's, Banana phone picked on 2 many pecans dripped honey went all over his bee nest.Fighting like troops army Kill didn;t exactly get paid Bill Miss Thurman sexy Swedish accent Carrie was writing 4 the producers they saw two men's heads what a tip. I was twice the combat fires out rare meat.Between his sandwiches. Who got caught it went smooth peanut butter.What a puppet trap. What a nut sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes she won't?Feeling love puppet trapped.What a nut ball of a dream, he's singing, I'm your puppet man, I'm your puppet man 2 -times I feel like leaving on a jet plane & never coming back.

Elephant nose, cleaned out the planter's, Lucas all you need is love on a string Brooklyn circus!Like an astrologer quite a philosopher knows your inner thoughts hanging on a string. Everything that came out of his mouth is two! Obsessed with Puppet's scream's I have a puppet fetish surfing on the internet puppet man is working his crafty fingers like the yellow pages.He's

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