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Part 8

Utsav is taking a sip from his glass of wine. Aditi is standing beside him with a glass of soft drink. She cannot withstand hard drinks though she tried to have with Utsav's silent scold. She took a sip and raised her eyes. Her eyes met Kavya. Kavya gives a smile at her. Aditi paid a slight notice at her husband. He too is looking at her direction. To whom did Kavya smiled at, she thought. She is looking gorgeous today in that deep violet saree and matching necklace and long earrings. Utsav raised his hand and advanced towards her. Kavya smiled and said "Good evening."

Utsav said "You didn't say that you too are going to attend this party!" "Surprise! Actually your boss is my dad's friend too. He invited dad for this party but as he couldn't join so I have come to attend it." Kavya then whispers "Aditi is looking very dashing today, did you notice it?"

Utsav turns and looks at her and then said "Oh yes she is!"

"Your voice don't reflect your attraction towards her beauty. But why? You fell for her the first time you saw her in college campus? Has the spark vanished in between these years?"

"Let's talk about this some time later, boss is standing there with his foreign counterpart Mr.Griffith so I've to join them."

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