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Part 5

Vikram goes to bed after midnight. He was sitting on his writing desk scribbling a poem taking drinks at intervals. He remembered Kavya while penning it down. Her beautiful figure in that sari her flowing hair her mesmerizing smile everything. After he finished he uploaded it for his fans to read. He was chatting on messenger after he updated his blog . He was satisfied with the poem. Many of his friends were online and many of them commented on the poem after reading it. Kavya was online too but she didn’t comment anything on it. Vikram wished to know about her reaction so he typed “Hey did you read my latest poem in my blog?”


“Please take a look at it when you aren’t busy. I would like to know your thought on the poem”

“Ok” and after the answer Kavya went offline. So irritating! She knows his feelings for her but still she avoids him. After that he finished his drinks and turned off the lights. Now he is going to lay down to have some sleep.

Jhanvi is determined today. She wants her love to be with her tonight. She takes bath dresses up like a night queen (like the models in that book) and sprays a sweet romantic fragnance and then tiptoes in the bedroom. Vikram is laying on the bed closing his eyes but Jhanvi can't understand whether he is asleep or not. She silently slips in the bed and then puts her hand on his chest. He don't move at first. Her hand moves freely from his neck to his abdomen and then back to his lips. Her fingers goes like a feather on his lips and she feels like kissing him but she is a bit nervous. Her lips don't listen to her mind and goes down on his ones. Her warm kiss makes him awake and he takes her in his tight grip. Then he starts kissing madly all over her face her neck her beautiful boobs while his hands undresses her in a rapid movement. Jhanvi feels excited with this love making and enjoys it to the fullest. Vikram rubs his face on her belly and then slips down towards the space between her two legs. Jhanvi gets hotter and more excited. She holds him tightly and whispers "Vik you are marvellous" He shoots up towards her lips and sucked them and then whispered "You are too extraordinary Kavya!"

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