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Part 4

Kavya is standing on the dais reading out her poem. She has been invited in this famous Seminar of Poetry Lovers held in her city. After she completes everyone applauds. Kavya smiles looking at the audience and especially Utsav who is sitting in the first row on VIP chair. Then she comes down and sits beside him. Utsav whispers “Your poem is just marvelous. I’m charmed and now I repent for never attending any of your’s Kavi Sammellan.” After Kavya; Vikram Kapoor got on the dais to read out his poem. While listening Kavya realized Vikram is just seeing her when reading out the poem. She didn’t feel comfortable with Utsav sitting beside her but what can be done?

After Kavi Sammellan many persons talked with Kavya. Utsav whispered “Darling you carry on I have an important phone call. I’ll be standing near the car.”

Kavya nodded and continued to talk with many of her writer friends. When she finished and started walking down towards the auditorium exit door she saw Vikram waiting there. She looked back and thought of exiting through the other door to avoid him. But before she could turn back Vikram called out “Hi Kavya!”

She answered “Hello” and stood stiffen. Vikram advanced and said “You look gorgeous like your poem.” Today Kavya is wearing violet silver bordered south silk with matching accessories.

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