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Part 2

Jhanvi is looking at the picture- A mermaid is coming out of the sea water wearing a silver bikini with a string of pearls around her neck. The waves seemed racing after her to get a touch of her silvery perfect hour glass shaped body. Water droplets are coming down her wet hair kissing her cheek or neck slipping down the whole body and then going down to meet the waves of the ocean near her white knee. Jhanvi sighed Oh! A queen of beauty! She turned to the next page. A hot model in red bikini laying on the white sea beach. She madly goes through the whole book and throws it on the floor in despair. And then took a quick look of herself in the mirror on the almirah in her room. The image that got reflected on it is neither like the mermaid or the red goddess of the magazine. She has a relatively fat body which doesn't go with the perfect hour glass shaped body nor her face has sharp look. Her hair too isn't flowing smooth like the heroines in the films. To say truely she is a ugly creature. Hot tears came down her eyes while she thumped on the floor. This is the book which she has discovered from the locked drawer of the personal writing desk of Vikram.

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