THEURGIST OR NECROMANCER (Part 11, page 1 of 15)

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Part 11


Course of love never did run smooth

The mansion of Sivasankar occupied one hundred and fiftieth places in Pattinam. Moreover since he was a business magnet, he was familiar with many politicians also. After his father, he undertook the charge and promoted his business. Like billionaires, he was running several educational institutions in order to avoid paying income tax. Similarly, Shobha, a distant relative to Sivasankar, was also a politician connected with Central Minister. But in the realm of social and economic status, Shobha surpassed Sivasankar and she was one of the billionaires of Pattinam. Ex-toto corde",(with whole heartedly) neither Sivasankar nor his wife, Devi , had willingness in this marriage but for the sake of the Damsel, they consented for the marriage but at the same time, it’s to be noted that they didn’t abhor Shyamala and they accepted her as her daughter-in-law; Nunc scaenam ( at present stage) Vidya Kiran, daughter of Padmanabhan and Magha Lakshmi, was a substitute for Shyamala and they had a plan to get Baskar married to Vidya under ‘open marriage’. Shyamala had a staunch faith on the Damsel and when he entrusted her with entre nous , she determined to execute the orders of the Damsel and as per the orders, she consented to get Vidya married to Baskar under’ Open Marriage”. She wanted to have a talk with Baskar in this matter and ergo she walked Vidya to her personal room but to her disappointment, Baskar was not in his room but in the garden with his girlfriends. So they began to search for Baskar. Very soon they found out that Baskar was chatting with his girlfriends in the garden.

All the girls were of his college students who were amorous of Baskar since school days. There were manifold nymphets who dressed-up and decked up trendily surrounding Baskar, like Lord Krishna surrounded by Gopikastris, and were chatting with him and their trilling laughter rent the air and this facilitated Shyamala and Vidya to locate the place where Baskar was, as a philogynist, reigning the beauty as well the centre of attraction.

Their trendiness was reflected in their dress; omnino (totally) nobody in the group of teens, endued with saris or dupatta but left their bust exposed through their bosoms; some of them were ravishing in their long petticoat covering the area from below their navel to ankle, thus exposing their buttons, and tight shirts so that the mounds were vividly exposed through the upper dress. Some of the teens dressed up (put on special clothes to appear particularly appealing and attractive) T-shirt and subligaculum, a pair of shorts or loin cloth devoid of dupatta and it’s obvious that due to the absence of brassiere or strophium, the exact size of their bathykolpian, beau seins and boobez (perky and squeezable breasts) was visible and the toreador (snug trousers ending at the calves) exposed the camel-toe to render an epulation of scopophilia (sexual pleasure from seeing things such as naked bodies)

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