THEURGIST OR NECROMANCER (Part 7, page 1 of 19)

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Part 7


Sivasankar, Devi, Padbanabhan, Mahalakshmi and Vijay Kiran boarded into the Air India Flight while Baskar, Shyamala, Santhanam and Baghyam entrained the Bullet Train en route to Pattinam via,. Pudukottai, Tiruchy, Villupuram and Madras.

While travelling by Bullet Train with Shyamala, Baskar remembered the words of enigmatic man who said:”The marriage between Ramana and Shyamala won’t happen. Shyamala is born for you and she is going to marry you. You can’t avoid it. Try your best to avoid this marriage. When you return you will be with your wife. Congratulations.”

“Who is this young man? Is he a man or young lady? Are they one or separate? What makes the man pour interest in my family? Is he a telepathist, or clairvoyant or theurgist or necromancer? All happens according to his predictions. How to find out him?.....”

“What, Baskar? Are you immersed in the ocean of imagination or dream?” It was the sweet voice of Shyamala.

Baskar returned to the mortal world and blinked at her. “Darling, what’s wrong with you?”

“In my life an enigmatic man or lady plays a vital role. During my up journey, I encountered with a mysterious man who augured well and predicted that I would return with you as my wife. As per his prediction, all happened. It’s mysterious to find out who the man is why he shows such interest in our life, and by doing this, what benefit he is going to derive? Is there any answer from you?” Baskar asked his wife, Shyamala.

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