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Part 1

Most people aren't aware. Truly. Did you know all about it before I told you? In case you are in the dark, here's how it works. Many of us are living a lie. What I mean to say is that we have an incorrect view of the universe, of physics. How can you tell if your view is correct and why do some of us not know it? Well, it's pretty complicated. Very complicated, in fact. You see, when a person is dying, the brain does a remarkable thing. Everyone who is dying sees their life pass before their eyes. While this process takes only a fraction of a second, the marvelous thing is that it seems to take a looong time, as long, in fact, as it did to live it in the first place. But there's a catch. Some of us see our lives pass before our eyes in the wrong direction. Oh yes, it's true. How do I know it's true? Well that is really complicated and I don't have time to explain it all right now. I was a scientist for Christ sakes. But, thankfully, there is an easy way to tell if you are seeing your life pass before your eyes in the wrong direction, which, unfortunately, indicates you are milliseconds away from really passing away. You see, if your life is passing before your eyes in the wrong direction, then you will get cause and effect utterly confused. You will think the effect causes the cause. Yes! Some people think the past occurs before the future. How odd is that? Can't believe anyone could do that, can you? If this happened to you, that is you die and your life passes before your eyes in the wrong direction, then you wouldn't know that being drunk causes drinking or that going to sleep makes you really tired when you wake up. Certainly, every time I awake, I am more tired than when I went to sleep! Aren't you? Well, let me tell you a little story about my life. My name is, well you know my name, I already told you.

My life began in an old house where I was all alone. I did not like being alone, and I was senile and couldn’t remember anything and I had a hard time taking care of myself, but I did know that those who were old and alone would often have a spouse born into their home. And so it was. After eleven months of loneliness, my wife Edith was brought into the home by the wonderful ambulance workers. She was 86 when she was born.

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