The Wizard and the Sylph (Part 10, page 3 of 39)

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Part 10

"The prisoner is said to be a witch," Dorain told him, not yet addressing his latter question, and added, "An elf witch, belonging to a people unknown to we elves of Normandon."

Anest stared his scepticism. "An elven witch? I have not heard of such a thing."

"The servants of the enemy come in many guises," Dorain told him cryptically. "If the rumours regarding its nature are true, then it is we elves who will rightfully slay this creature if she poses a threat, not the men of Brand who hold it prisoner. Elves are dealt with only by elves."

"Is it not a bit early to speak of slaying?" Anest queried, sensing that some enmity now lay between the elves of Normandon and their hosts, the men of Brand.

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