The Wizard and the Sylph (Part 10, page 1 of 39)

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Part 10


Chapter Nine

Some Disturbing News

Anest was awakened from the deep, dream-filled, restorative sleep of the travel-weary by an annoying, persistent knocking at the door. He groaned inwardly when the caller let him or her selfin, uninvited, bringing an air of impatient urgency into their cell.

The caller was Dorain.

"My apologies for this intrusion, but there is to be a meeting in the main hall in half an hour." As Anest lay with his back to her, stretching and groaning himself into wakefulness, Dorain was able to gaze unobserved upon Lily, who was still very much asleep, a half-smile remaining on her lips. For a few moments the elf-woman's mien was softened with envious empathy . . . the momentary otherness of her gaze suffused with a wistful longing of her own.

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