The Wizard and the Sylph (Part 9, page 3 of 29)

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Part 9

The stone!

Looking down, Belloc found it lying in a shallow pool of water. Leafy green it was now, cool and gentle to the senses. Dazedly, disbelieving, Belloc picked up the Summoning Stone and studied it intently. After a moment he was roused by running feet. It was Celedhan.

"Well done!" cried the elf. "The enemy has broken and is routed, and none too soon. We have escaped with only some minor injuries. Now, let us be away while we have time."

"I," said the wizard, raising an eyebrow in consternation at his own lack, "have done naught."

"Naught? Nothing at all? Then t'was Anest?"

"Nor was it me," said Anest, coming around. He stared at Lily in wonder.

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