The Wizard and the Sylph (Part 6, page 1 of 63)

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Part 6

Chapter Five

The Fortress On The River Grey

The next morning before everyone had finished breakfast, Dorain whispered to Lily to finish quickly so that she could accompany the harwynglaive somewhere. Mystified, Lily did so, and allowed Dorain to lead her down through the Fortress until they reached the stables. When they arrived there, they were met by a tall, burly elf with a long, flowing mane of silverish hair, whom Dorain introduced as Kanterly the Stablemaster. He was holding the reigns of a small white horse whose long tail and mane shone as though limned with sunlight, even in the dim light allowed by the tall, narrow stone loopholes that faced south above the river.

"This worthy fellow," said the Stablemaster, "is named Danin, or `third time lucky.' Rendered in your speech, the name refers to one who is charmed. He was so named by his previous handlers because as a colt he fell twice into raging torrents of a river to the far North and survived. No other living horse or rider could boast such a claim. You may rename him if you wish."

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