The Wizard and the Sylph (Part 3, page 1 of 64)

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Part 3

Chapter Two


She was a spirit-child once more, swimming in the deep places of the earth. Everywhere, her sisters chased one another about, through high-vaulted, groined, cathedral-like ceilings and arched apertures of darkness as hints of eldritch, rainbow-hued coruscations; through the illimitable vastness of grand chambers and catacombs limned in a bas relief guess by their tenuous illumination.

Their presence was sensed more than felt, as an unborn child senses its mother, or a twin perhaps . . . much more than a kindred spirit.

This place was the womb of the Earth Mother, the very source of life of the surface that lay far above.

And not only was it the source of dreams, it was a dreaming in and of itself . . . self-contained . . . and in its way, perfect.

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