The Wizard and the Sylph (Part 2, page 3 of 50)

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Part 2

Chapter 26 The Long Retreat

Chapter 27 Morlock's Castle

Chapter 28 The Battle For Valerian

Chapter 29 Tara



Chapter One

Creation - Part one

On the western border of the highlands called Eloki in an ancient tongue of the ancestors of the Northern Elves, nearly three furlongs northeast of the evergreen eaves of the Black Wood, dwelt Belloc the wizard and his apprentice, Anest of Brand.

They lived in a large house which had been built from the stone of nearby ruins. If the windows of this house had been a little larger, and if it were not situated so near the wood and all it concealed, one might have found the place friendly-looking, open and inviting. As it was, its thick grey walls and twin turrets gave it a look of defensibility, as though it were here despite the quiescent malice of the forest.

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