The Singhania Scandal (Part 10, page 3 of 5)

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Part 10

The worst was yet to come. Cynthia arrived around 5 PM ,in one of her haughty moods.

"Hi Jiya, why are you always dressed in school girl salwar kameez? Don't you think you should wear something according to Sagar's taste since you are his secretary. I just don't understand how he tolerates you in these clothes?'

Jiya had never liked Cynthia but this was too much.She might be Sagar's girlfriend but she had no right to humiliate her."Dear Cynthia madam I am his secretary not his mistress so whatever I wear to his office is not his business."

But Cynthia was not ashamed so instead of keeping quiet on the word mistress she challenged Jiya, "Darling with a body like you nobody will want you as a mistress"

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