The Singhania Scandal (Part 8, page 1 of 9)

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Part 8

Sagar had been invited to an official lunch. Instead of taking a date he decided to take Jiya. He knew that if he asked her to accompany him to an official lunch she could not refuse.

"Jiya make reservations for three at Bristol tomorrow or lunch. Also tomorrow wear something nice to office."

"Ok sir"

"Sir why do I have to wear something nice?"

"I asked you to make reservations for three people because I am meeting Mr Nikhil Garg our UK investor for lunch. Normally Ritwik meets the investors but since Nikhil is my schoolmate I will handle tomorrows meeting.I want you to accompany me to this official lunch."

"Ok sir "

The next day Jiya got ready in a new salwar kameez.Inwardly she was excited because she was going out with Sagar for the first time. She reached office on time , Sagar had not yet arrived. Around 12 oclock in the afternoon he called her and asked her to meet in the lobby since he would be driving straight to the restaurant.

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