The Singhania Scandal (Part 4, page 1 of 3)

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Part 4

Nandita informed Ritwik Singhania that a new secretary was appointed for his younger brother.When Ritwik enquired she smiled and gave him the exact description of Jiya.

She informed him that Sagar was not happy with her choice and would be complaining soon. she was just leaving his room when Sagar entered.

"Bro I don't like my new secretary. Just change her."

" You are not supposed to like your secretary. Sagar. What's the problem?"

"There is no problem. I just don't like her. She is a typical behenji type girl and a fresher."

"Sagar these are no reasons to not give her the job. I have appointed her and she is going to work for you for at least a year. No excuses please ."

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