The Singhania Scandal (Part 11, page 1 of 6)

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Part 11

The next day Jiya was surprised to see that Sagar had come to office even before she had arrived. Inwardly she was happy that Cynthia's plans of seduction had failed. But then anything was possible. Maybe they had skipped dancing and had gone straight to bed.

Even though she should not feel bad but Somehow Jiya had developed feelings for Sagar, so she was unhappy that Cynthia was an important part of his life.She liked Sagar because he may be a famous playboy but he had always treated her well. Moreover he was a nice person who didn't deserve to be married to a power hungry girl like Cynthia.

"Hi Sagar. What should I bring tea or coffee?"

"Hello Jiya just get me a cup of coffee?"

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