The Singhania Scandal (Part 5, page 2 of 5)

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Part 5

Nandita called to ask if Sagar had arrived. She also informed Jiya that he had a board meeting to attend in two hours

Sagar had drunk a lot last night so he woke late. It was already 12 oclock when he woke up. He had a board meeting to attend in two hours so he rushed home to change.

By the time he reached his office it was half past two. He had a file to pick so he rushed to his cabin.

"Rosy get me my blue file"

"Which file sir and where is it kept?"

He turned back to see his new secretary. Today she was dressed in a dark blue salwar kameez. Her hair was tied in a bun. She looked like a school girl because she wore minimum makeup.

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