The Secret Life of a Sex Addict (Part 1, page 4 of 7)

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Part 1

Richard is power, sheer raw power.

My core clenched as thoughts flared, hot images, sexy, sinful images. I gasped as his fingers dug into my flesh

"Answer me" his voice stern and with authority.

"Yes please" I whispered dropping my long lashes to half mask.

I could scarcely remember much after giving my consent. My hands in his silky strands, his tie loop around my neck tightly.

"I going to fuck you hard baby."

The seriously of his low tone sent a burst of warmth through me. I saw his teeth flash white.

"I want you too." gripping the porcelain sink with one hand while the other scrapped the walls trying to steady myself.

My cheeks heating as he lifted my dress, unzipping his pants. I needed his thick shaft in me so badly that there was no time for foreplay as he tore my panties off.

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